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Based in the City of Truro, the County of Cornwall     

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. . . living pictures for you . . .

Babies & Toddlers

Specially for Mums, Dads, Grandparents, and all the family

Quality photos of your child and children, which capture the life and personality of your child, make a wonderful gift and keepsake. . .

. . .a personal delight on the mantle piece or wall - especially for Grandparents and family separated by miles.

Opportunities missed can never be reclaimed. We are here to work with you to capture the key stages of your child’s life that will evoke memories and emotion in years to come.

Bump, New Born, First Steps, Toddling, First School Day . . .

. . . All are milestones in your child’s development. The excitement, emotion and fun of these days are so often forgotten.

Your child on its own or interacting with Mum and Dad, brothers and sisters at these different stages of family life will be a source of wonderful memories and evocative emotion in days to come.

Facebook is a great instant communicator - but there is nothing like a framed colour or black and white print in the house - how it catches the eye in routine life and causes us to remember and value.

Grandparents and distant family will treasure such gifts above all else.


See our attractive & competitive prices

Unsure about how to go about it?

Give us a call at BarryHeatonPhotography  we can talk you through the options and how best to meet your needs.

Our prices are very reasonable and our aim is to make you comfortable at every stage, fitting in with your expectations and desired outcome.

You choose the location or place where your children feel most comfortable. . .

. . . your own home, living room or garden . . . favourite woodland walk, park and swings, the beach . . . natural settings make natural comfortable portraits. That’s why why we take time and trouble to fit in with the location that suites you.