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Memorable Cornwall

The expanses of golden sands, rugged cliff-tops that stretch for mile after mile, forever up and down . . . the crashing breakers on the granite rocks . . . the fierce winds in winter and summer adding power to the surfers exhilaration.

And for me?  . . . All of the above plus the transformation the golden hours bring to the passion of photography.

The one to two hours around both sunrise and sunset so often present extraordinary colours and hues which transform and evaporate so quickly . . . then add spectacular cloud formations plus the so often pristine pure atmosphere. What a privilege to live is such a place!

Please linger longer and sample just a few . . .

Whether as a visitor full of holiday memories, especially those childhood ones of sun, beaches, ice creams and family; or exploring your future possible visit; or even fortunate enough to be raised or now living in Cornwall . . .

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